Visual Illustration

Visual Illustration

It is said, everyone is naturally gifted with creative abilities to think, draw, paint, sing, dance and write. At the end it really matters, how much do we practice or hone our gift of natural skills?

The power of Visual Art and Design is to experience the joy of creation and innovation through peaceful mind.

You may just scribble, do a pencil sketch, rendered a colorful illustration/painting or a innovate a design pattern...the process and its result, both gives us an immense pleasure and happiness. We are taken back to our roots of creativity.

A disciplined regular practice of an art for an artist and a designer is must to reah newer heights of creativity.

A study: Charcoal drawing

A study:Twig and ink drawing

The purpose of visual art is to freely express using on a surface using available art material. It is also advised to continually create without any hesitation.

A good art creates a resonance within for the artist and also for a viewer.

Visual illustration has always been part of interest for children and even for adults.

Taking a normal life beyond what you see is a real power of an Artistic visualization. Watching a visual poetry is engaging, learning and involving.

Plein Air study 1

Plein Air study 2

One can creatively explore design elements such as space, form, size, shape, line, colour, texture, tonal values, perspective and composition to create Art.

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