Websites for Non-profit

Non-profit identity is Simple, Responsible and  beneficial.

The real challenge is to reach many in-need of a service/product.

Creating awareness is the most essential purpose for an individual, entrepreneur or a non-profit entity.

However, a simple, responsive, fast loading & affordable website is a need of an hour.

This responsive  website  elaborates the grassroot work of Wisdom Foundation, offering FREE trainings for marginalized society in Maharashtra.

This responsive  website  offers vocal and instrumental courses for students by experts. Pranavaa is famous for its teachings.

Their youtube channel 'Bansuri' is also subscribed by many.

This responsive  website offers Online Carnatic Vocal and Instrumental classes for students across the world.
Students can join and excel in their choice of music.


Sri Swanandaashrama Trust (R)

To Whomsoever it may Concern

This is to certify that we at ‘Sri Swanada  Ashrama’ are really happy and appreciate our close association that we had with all the Website Design and Development team members.

Today, we have officially announced that our website has been launched. It was conceptualized, designed, developed and executed where everyone has sincerely contributed:

1. Mr Umesh Shebe

2. Ms Anitha M S

3. Mr Preetham K

4. Mr Nilesh B Walawalkar

This website will enable us to share all our researches, experiences and spiritual stories pertaining to Swananda Ganapati and all about Ganesha.

Today, on behalf of ‘Sri Swananda Ashrama’, I wish you all a Great Success in all your future venture and are sure that your creative and team spirit will guide you to achieve success in all challenges in your life ahead.

With Best Wishes,
Santosh Ravel
Sri Swananda Ashrama Trust (R)

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

Dear Nilesh,

I am delighted to see a new look of the website that you with your team members have designed. I am touched by the effort you have taken to put this site to coincide with my 85th birthday.

I am sending a copy of 'Iyengar His Life & Work' for you and Mr Naik as a token of my appreciation. May it inspire you to practice yoga.

Your's Sincerely,



Akshara Foundation

To Whomsoever it may Concern

On behalf of Akshara Foundation, I am glad to say that Mr Nilesh B Walawalkar and his associates has done a good job in designing our recently developed website

The website has an innovative approach and we have been consistently receiving positive feedback from visitors to the site. A good blend of creative and technical blend has been used, which has led to its success. 

We have developed a trusted relationship with Mr Nilesh B Walawalkar and his associated and the team has given us satisfactory service.

We would surely recommend Mr Nilesh B Walawalkar and his associates to anyone who would need similar services.

With Our Best Wishes,

Ashok Kamat
Managing Trustee
Akshara Foundation



To Whomsoever it may Concern

We (SATHI) were in need of a best website for our organization and were looking out for a web designer who would get involved with us, understanding and then translating the experience to create our website.

We were finally referred to Mr Nilesh Walawalkar who is an Artist and a Web designer who has 14 years of experience in the field of Visual Design.

Our daily interaction with him started transforming all our raw ideas into a solid document as a foundation. We then started building the required contents based on the defined line of action.

His personal initiative and an eye for detail helped to save lot of rework in this project, which helped in saving cost and time too.

He emerged as sincere, dedicated and innovative participant in our team throughout the execution of this project. His technical know how and documentation abilities ensured the project communication to be crystal clear, at all levels.

I take this opportunity to express on behalf of Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situations (SATHI) that we are satisfied and happy with recently launched newly designed website

We agree that our newly launched website has greater success because of right gestalt of Creativity and Technical expertise.

We are thankful to Mr Nilesh Walawalkar and his associates to make this as a successful team effort that has given us a satisfactory service and also developed a trusted relationship.

We would surely recommend Mr Nilesh Walawalkar to everyone who would be in need of similar creative services.

With Our Best Wishes,

Pramod Kulkarni
SATHI, Bangalore

Please write to us at to avail our services of your choice.